This Week in the New Normal #1

The pandemic of the unvaxxed, creepy uncle Bill and a silver lining from the Lone Star State.

Kit Knightly

“This Week in the Guardian” was my idea. It was my baby. I had it at the back of my head for almost a year. A weekly feature that rounded up everything terrible in the Guardian from the previous 7 days, and tried to teach people how to read between the lines of media speak.

After talking about it to anyone who would listen for ten months, I finally got around to doing the first edition on February 23rd 2020.

…And then, just a few weeks later the world changed forever. The paradigm shifted. I tried to keep TWitG going, but the truth is it was no longer relevant.

The Guardian is what it is, a dinosaur of legacy media, a voice of the Deep State, a nest of Starbucks-swilling hypocrisy…and suddenly a cultural non-entity.

There’s no point in trying to train readers to pick up the hints behind the headlines, because they’re not hints anymore.

We’re not talking about subtle suggestions of tyranny sometime down the line. The tyranny is here. Happening as we speak. Yesterday, today, and potentially all our tomorrows.

After prepping the deck for a long while, the powers-that-be have started playing their cards.

The world has changed. And we must change with it.

That said, we present our new (semi-)regular feature: This Week in the New Normal. Where we will try and log the progress of the elite in re-shaping the economic, political and moral landscape of the world.

Hopefully this gets to be relevant for more than a month.


1. The (continued) Demonisation of the Unvaxxed

That the press and governments would, in one voice, blame those people who decline to be injected with experimental gene therapies for the continued “pandemic” was inevitable. We published a very good essay about it.

When Joe Biden talks about a “pandemic of the unvaccinated”, most of us roll our eyes. There’s nothing subtle going on here. But still…I wanted to break down an especially heinous article.

This one, from the Huffinginton Post, which headlines: “I’m An ICU Doctor And I Cannot Believe The Things Unvaccinated Patients Are Telling Me”.

The author, Thanh Neville, is apparently a doctor but you wouldn’t guess that from the prose or content. The lies start with the headline and only get worse. Despite “not believing” what the unvaccinated people say to her, she doesn’t directly quote – or refute – any of them.

In fact, she doesn’t make a single fact-based argument at all. She cites one statistic, claiming the “pandemic” has “taken the lives of 600,000 Americans”…but a 10 second Twitter search could have shown her US health officials clearly explaining that’s not even slightly true.

Other than that, it’s just one long anecdote. Twelve emotionally manipulative paragraphs seeking to dehumanise and abuse people who haven’t had the vaccine. She uses words like “angry” and “bitter” a lot, painting a picture of righteous wrath.

“Those unvaccinated”, as she calls them, are cast as Quislings who have “betrayed” the vulnerable and are “letting Covid win the war”. By implication, they are lazy, selfish and ill-informed. And not once are the actual logical arguments against the vaccine ever honestly represented.

It is a hit piece. Nothing more.

The only potentially revealing parts of the article are in the subtext.

It’s worthy of note, for example, that she apparently spends a lot of her time persuading patients to be intubated. Her claim to have “worked daily to adapt our end-of-life program to the changing needs and restrictions of the pandemic” also provokes questions.

“Adapted” how? What are the “restrictions” she’s talking about?

It’s also interesting to read her research into ethics and end of life care. For example, she published a study in 2017 that effectively blames patients’ families for advocating “futile” treatments when doctors should be administering “palliative care”.

Combine that with the revelations from undercover nurses, the flood of illegal DNR orders, and the known abuse of ventilators and midazolam and you have something worthy of further study.

We’ll be publishing a more extensive article about that in the near future.


2. Britcoin?

Technically not from “this week”, but it’s our first edition so we get to bend the rules.

Rishi Sunak, the British Chancellor, has announced a commission to examine the merits of creating the first national digital currency.

Officially called the “Central Bank Digital Currency”, but far more likely to go by the obvious nickname of “Britcoin”, the digital cash replacement would (allegedly) speed up, and make cheaper, the process of transferring money around the banking system.

They are very vague about how that could possibly be the case, but that’s to be expected.

Another day, another battle in the war on cash. Nothing new at all. But something to keep an eye on.


3. Bill Gates’ Black Mirror Money-Making Moves

…speaking of crypto-currency, did you know Microsoft owns a patent for a crypto-currency directly related to monitoring your body activity?

The remarkably aptly-numbered Patent 060606 is for a system where…

Human body activity associated with a task provided to a user may be used in a mining process of a cryptocurrency system. A server may provide a task to a device of a user which is communicatively coupled to the server. A sensor communicatively coupled to or comprised in the device of the user may sense body activity of the user. Body activity data may be generated based on the sensed body activity of the user. The cryptocurrency system communicatively coupled to the device of the user may verify if the body activity data satisfies one or more conditions set by the cryptocurrency system, and award cryptocurrency to the user whose body activity data is verified.

Which, translated from lawyer-speak, means that Microsoft copied an idea from the best episode of Black Mirror, and are working on a system where your body activity is monitored, and you are paid digital currency only after you complete specific tasks.

You likely don’t need me to explain just how creepy that is.

(And yes, this is from last year, but it’s OUR new section, WE make the rules and I’ve been wanting to say something about this for months.)


BONUS: Foreboding interview of the week…

It’s that man again:

Bill Gates was on CNN this week, talking about “eradicating the flu” and preparing for the “next pandemic” and praising Australia…which is currently under martial law in some cities. A little nudge for those people who still think the “pandemic” might ever be allowed to end.


It’s not all bad…

Always remember the war for freedom is the same as any other – it has two sides. And the people on the right side of history are making moves too.

So, each week we’re going to give an update on some positive development. Whether that’s Italian crowds burning their vaccine passes in solidarity, or restaurant owners taking a stand in California.

This week we have some good legislation on the books – Texas governor Greg Abbott has signed a state law banning both mask mandates and vaccine discrimination.

Might be time to start thinking about a move.


All told a pretty hectic week for the new normal crowd, and we didn’t even mention banning people from running for office to “protect democracy”, or the new war on bottled water.

There’s a lot of change in the air, a lot of agendas in the works, if you see a headline, article, post or interview you think is a sign of the times, post it in the comments, email us or share it on social media and we will add it to the next edition.


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