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War Criminals at Large

It is a common misconception that democracies do not start wars of aggression or carry out terrorist attacks. The historical facts for the period from 1945 to today show a completely different reality: time and again, democratic states in Europe and North America have participated in wars of aggression and terrorist attacks in the past 70 years.

NATO’s “secret armies”: Gladio in western Europe

by Daniele Ganser Daniele Ganser’s book NATO’s Secret Armies: Operation Gladio & Terrorism in western Europe documents the bizarre history of Gladio, and should be required reading for anyone who still believes everything they read in the news papers. The question we all need to be asking is – are there Gladios happening today? And if so, how can we hope to identify state sponsored pseudo terror from the real thing? There is a pdf available for download HERE, and the book is also available through Amazon. Here is a brief extract… In a forest near the Italian village Peteano a car bomb exploded on May 31, 1972. The bomb gravely wounded one and killed three members of the Carabinieri, Italy’s paramilitary police force. The Carabinieri had been lured to the spot by an anonymous phone call. Inspecting the abandoned Fiat 500, one of the Carabinieri had opened the hood of the car that triggered the bomb. An anonymous call to the police two days later implicated the Red Brigades, a Communist terrorist group attempting …