Kremlin “Drone Attack”: The silly, the stupid, the annoying & the infuriating

Kit Knightly

Yesterday evening, the Russian Government claims, two drones attacked the Kremlin with the intention of assassinating President Vladimir Putin. The Russians assert these drones were sent by the Ukrainian government.

The drones were allegedly picked up by the Kremlin’s air defenses and blown to pieces before they could do any harm. The Russian government supplied the below video:

The response to this news so far is a combination of silly, stupid, annoying and infuriating.

Firstly, there’s the alleged plan itself…

it was exceedingly silly.

Making no comment on who and/or what was responsible, if the attack was a genuine attempt on Vladimir Putin’s life, it was completely absurd.

Flying two small drones into some of the most protected airspace in the world is only going to end with them getting vaporised.

Even if that doesn’t happen,  and by some miracle your drones somehow evade detection by air defense turrets and radar and somehow make it into Kremlin airspace, what then?

The Kremlin is not just one building, it is a complex of over a dozen buildings – including 3 Cathedrals and 4 palaces – covering an area of almost 70 acres.

Supposing your drones make it to the Kremlin, they have no way of knowing which room of which building Putin is in…if he is there at all. After all, while the Kremlin might be the “official residence” of the Russian President, it is common knowledge he doesn’t actually live there (and in fact was not there according to Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov).

So yes, the plan, if it was sincere, was silly.

Secondly, there are the Ukrainians claiming they would never try to assassinate Putin…

which is just stupid.

For close to a decade pretty much everyone in Western Ukraine has been calling Putin literally Hitler, and for the last year have been accusing him of genocide…but now suddenly they claim they would never try and assassinate the man?

Why not? Because Zelensky et al are just too morally squeamish to go that route? They happily kill innocent civilians but draw the line at seeking the death of a man they call a mass murderer?

So yes, the Ukrainians taking umbrage at the accusation is stupid.

Third, there is the Western press immediately and ubiquitously calling the attack a “possible false flag”

which is annoying.

It’s annoying because these are people who only ever use the phrase “false flag” when something happens in Russia.

False flags are a centuries-old political manoeuvre, employed regularly by leaders from all over the world, and yet the media only ever use the phrase when something gets blown up in Moscow.

So yes, the Western press’s attitude that – essentially – every bombing or shooting here is real, and every bombing or shooting over there is fake is very very annoying.

Finally, there are the alternate media outlets, immediately and ubiquitously believing the attack was real…

which is simply infuriating.

The Russian government is not inherently morally superior to the US or other Western governments – even if that could be argued pre-Covid, those days are long over. But supposing you believe they are, false flag attacks are not the exclusive property of history’s bad guys.

Good guys can false flag too.

The alternative media’s job is to be the journalism they want to see in the world. To fill the void of factual reporting and unbiased analysis left by the corporate media – NOT the automatic gainsaying of everything in the Western press, or the word-for-word parroting of Russian government press releases. Watching people lose themselves to side-taking is infuriating.

In summary, if it was a real plan it was silly. If it’s a fake attack it’s lame.

We don’t know who did what, and probably never will, but both sides are equally capable of doing something stupid and then lying about it for political gain.

I guess we’ll see where it all goes.


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