OffG’s last word on the “lab leak” theory: Illogical, immaterial and dangerous

Kit Knightly

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The “lab leak” theory is in the news again. It is essentially revealed as a mainstream position now. As we always predicted it would be.

Two weeks ago the New York Times ran a long opinion piece endorsing it (we covered it in This Week).

Last week economist Jeffrey Sachs endorsed it in his 2-hour interview with Tucker Carlson,

and yesterday RFK jr endorsed it as part of his presidential campaign:

Isn’t it amazing how quickly it has phased from “racist conspiracy theory” to the theory of choice for the fake-alternative?

And somehow – despite publication in the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal and the New York Post and the BBC and the Guardian and pretty much everywhere else – the “lab leak theory” is still sold as some kind of alternative.

It’s not. At all. It’s the mainstream narrative in different wrapping paper.

As we always told you it was.

We’ve refuted it a thousand times already. The theory is illogical based on what is already known, immaterial given the “pandemic disease” was never unusually deadly, and dangerous to endorse because it supports future lockdowns, vaccinations and God knows what else.

We fact-checked the logic of the theory in 2021:

What, exactly, is the point in a bioweapon which is no more deadly than common flu viruses? Why go to the trouble of creating a pretty much harmless virus in a lab?

Supposing you were interested in creating a pandemic, would that be a good way of doing it? Would it be worth the expense? Wouldn’t it be simpler to just make-believe there was a plague through fear-porn and statistical sleight-of-hand?

After all, an imaginary pandemic can infect whoever you want, spare whoever you like, start and stop at your convenience, obey any rules you care to make up and be cured instantly as long as everyone pays you for your “vaccine”.


[T]he lab-leak theory does serve the Deep State agenda in one fashion: it reinforces the idea that the virus is a real problem that needs to be solved, rather than a fear-based control narrative.

Fear is fear, and whether it’s of a zoonotic virus or a bioweapon, it can be used to bend a population to your will.

We pointed out how it serves a fake binary cold war narrative in 2022:

…two apparently oppositional camps are springing up – the West is laying the groundwork to blame China for the pandemic, whilst China (and probably Russia, down the line) blame the USA.

This is a textbook fake binary.

What you need to notice is that both these allegedly opposing sides agree on the most important aspect of the pandemic lie – that Covid is a unique new and dangerous disease which needs be treated with masks, lockdowns and vaccines – and only disagree violently about where this “real and deadly new disease” might have come from.

You are supposed to take your cue from them.

They want you to forget “covid” is just a meaningless new name for an old familiar cluster of “seasonal” symptoms. They want you to forget the whole thing was a scam – and to instead take a “side” in a scripted & noisy & totally phony “origin” debate.

The minute you sign up for it they have you – because by agreeing to debate where “it” comes from you have accepted “it” – ie a deadly new pathogen – exists & needs to be dealt with.

And that is all they want from you.

And we summed it up in 2023:

In some ways this is a symptom of the failure of the Covid narrative. The greatest propaganda push of all time ran out of steam just two years in, and is suddenly fighting defensively simply to hold itself together. Because the “lab leak” debate is very much a fallback position. A retreat in good order, protecting – at all costs – the fundamental lie of “Covid”, viz – there was no new disease.

There were the old flu symptoms, there was a new name, and there was a crappy test.

And that is all.

This is the one admission the establishment will never make, because it totally breaks their narrative.

Kills it stone dead.

Every other “admission”, debate or idea – “lab leak”, early treatment, government panic, “we underestimated natural immunity”, “the vaccine trials were misleading” – can eventually be brought back around to justifying lockdowns and other authoritarian “public health measures”.

If not for Covid, then for the next “pandemic”.

That’s our final word on the lab-leak: It never happened. And the more they try and force it down our throats as the acceptable face of Covid skepticism, the more obvious that becomes.

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