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It trolls for thee: a review of Milo Yiannopoulos’ Dangerous

by A.L. Shaw Milo Yiannopoulos is a creature of the internet: the erstwhile Twitter critter, former professional agitator for clickbait sweatshop Breitbart, and self-proclaimed “virtuous troll” heralds an online gaming-inspired conservative culture war against the political left in Dangerous, his debut book. Yiannopoulos portrays himself as one of the “provocateurs and clowns” needed “to grab the attention and challenge the biases of those who don’t want to be challenged” who pave the way for the “Debate Club Brigade” of intellectuals. Having thus delegated the serious work to others, the result is, indeed, clownish. The target audience may well derive voyeuristic pleasure from Yiannopoulos’ truculent “triggering” of feminists and Muslims. The critical reader, however, will derive about as much benefit from this trashy tract, devoid of almost any references to academic journals or studies, as from reading a primer on phrenology or flat earth theory. Yiannopoulos’ professional career has its roots in technology journalism, starting at The Daily Telegraph, followed by the now-defunct technology e-zine The Kernel (which he founded) and, until this year, heading Breitbart’s …

Owen Jones: Tough on meanness, tough on the causes of meanness

In his latest piece on Vladimir Putin, Owen Jones demonstrates the weakness of the politically left-of-centre press in the UK – and indeed the Western world as a whole. A certain kind of chinless, sweater-vested, well-meaningness that achieves nothing but smugness and twitter shares.

VIDEO: Radicals assault LGBT protesters and police at gay pride rally in Kiev

by Systematic Anti-gay protesters attacked police who guarded the event (BBC) Dozens of radicals, members of the Right Sector among them, clashed with police and LGBT activists in Kiev, Saturday, during a gay pride rally through the city. Although a heavy police presence had been deployed to protect the activists, around 20 participants of the march and five police officers reportedly were injured, one of whom suffered a severe injury to the neck.

Ukrainian military to issue draft notices during Kiev LGBT parade

by Systematic People take part in a procession organised by gay rights activists in central Kiev January 11, 2014. (Gleb Garanich / Landov / Reuters) The participants in the Equality March scheduled for June 6 in Kiev may receive their draft notices. According to the GenStaff representative Vladislav Seleznyov, the parade may be attended by military commissariat officials who will personally present the activists their notices. He also said that the commissariats are not judging individuals on the basis of political or other factors. “As far as we are concerned,  they are citizens of Ukraine who should defend their country,” Seleznyov added. GenStaff press service assured on Facebook such actions would be lawful. “The law does not specify where the summons should be delivered. They can be delivered by any means, and it does not contravene the Article 19 of the Constitution.” The GenStaff also reminded that each citizen can lodge a court complaint against officials. “We are emphasizing that the notice is not a ticket into the army. It’s only an invitation to the …


by Glenn Greenwald Over the weekend, the British surveillance agency GCHQ — the most extremist and invasive in the West — bathed its futuristic headquarters with rainbow-colored lights “as a symbol of the intelligence agency’s commitment to diversity” and to express solidarity with “International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia.” GCHQ’s public affairs office proudly distributed the above photograph to media outlets. Referring to Alan Turing, the closeted-and-oppressed gay World War II British code-breaker just memorialized by an Oscar-nominated feature film, Prime Minister David Cameron’s office celebrated GCHQ’s inspirational lights: This is so very moving. Gay Brits are now just as free as everyone else to spy on people, covertly disseminate state propaganda, and destroy online privacy. Whatever your views on all this nasty surveillance business might be, how can you not feel good about GCHQ when it drapes itself in the colors of LGBT equality? This is all a stark illustration of what has become a deeply cynical but highly effective tactic. Support for institutions of militarism and policies of imperialism is now manufactured …