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Reality Check – the Tories DID NOT win the local elections.

We were never supposed to be here. This was never supposed to happen. Corbyn keeps ruining plans and breaking rules and gaining votes and making sense. He says reasonable things, queitly, and people listen. This is not how politics is supposed to go.

The bottom line is that the establishment is getting more and more frustrated with Corbyn because he simply won’t do what he’s told. He won’t bang the war drums on command, betray the unions, sell off the NHS or resign in disgrace. He won’t even lose when he’s supposed to.

Corbyn should learn his lesson: compromise with the devil is not an option

Corbyn’s team decided to play soft and weak, in the hopes that letting a little blood would sate the thirst of the media. But you don’t abate a feeding frenzy by chumming the water. You don’t compromise with the devil by selling a piece of your soul.

Diagnosing the West with Sadistic Personality Disorder (SPD)

Western culture is clearly obsessed with rules, guilt, submissiveness and punishment. By now it is clear that the West is the least free society on Earth. In North America and Europe, almost everyone is under constant scrutiny: people are spied on, observed, their personal information is being continually extracted, and the surveillance cameras are used indiscriminately.

Life is synchronized and managed. There are hardly any surprises.

The Guardian, “Russian bots” and the dehumanisation of dissent

Heather Stewart, The Guardian’s chief stenographer political editor, has copied and pasted a press release written a new article all about “Russian bots”. The trouble is she doesn’t seem to know what either of these words actually means.

Who is James Le Mesurier?

Who is James Le Mesurier, former British army officer and private military contractor who founded the White Helmets, the civil defence organisation operating exclusively in opposition-held parts of Syria? It is a question more and more people are asking as the function of the organization comes under increasing scrutiny.

Labour’s commissioned Legal Opinion on legitimacy of UK Air Strikes on Syria

This is the text of the legal opinion by Professor Dapo Akande, commissioned by Tom Watson, Deputy Leader of the Labour Party on the recent airstrikes on Damascus by the UK armed forces

The Skripal event and the Douma “gas attack” – two acts in the same drama?

could it be the Skripal event was never intended to last so long in the public eye? Could it be that it was indeed a false flag, as many have alleged, planned as a sketchy prelude to, or warm up act for a bigger chemical attack in Syria

How We Were Misled about Syria: George Monbiot of The Guardian

George Monbiot is an influential journalist, and his words on Syria over the past seven years will have carried weight in shaping public opinion. Some critical readers, however, have been concerned. For while Monbiot has declared himself morally opposed to military intervention, and is demonstrably aware of how the media can manipulate news reports, he has repeatedly published statements – in his weekly Guardian column and on Twitter – that lend significant support to key interventionist arguments

Aftermath of the alleged gas attack on Douma, an evolving narrative: Part 2

There is still no evidence any chemical attack occurred in Douma at all, and even less for who may have been responsible should it turn out to have occurred, but still the crazed narrative hurtles on with all the energy and disregard for reality of an hallucinating junkie.

Sleepers Awake, We are Heading toward Imminent Disaster

Donald Trump is preparing to ignite the Middle East and move the world a big step closer to total war. There is a very good chance the corporate mainstream media, accomplices in massive war crimes, will be announcing “breaking news” this evening or night that the U.S., in conjunction with its evil twin Israel that bombed a Syrian air base 24 hours ago, has launched a massive attack on Syria “justified” by a false flag chemical attack on Saturday

Aftermath of the alleged gas attack on Douma, an evolving narrative: Part 1

It seems almost certain now that the attack on the Syrian airbase near Homs last night was by the Israeli airforce, though we can assume this was with the approval of the USA. While Syria has attacked that airbase before in recent months, the coincidence of timing, less than a day after the alleged “chemical attack” at Douma, obviously raises a lot of questions about what agenda was being served.

Douma Chemical Attack: Timeline of facts so far

A brief post, collating all the known events surrounding the build up to the alleged chemical weapons attack in Douma, Syria on the 7/8th of April 2018.

The Rapidly Evolving Skripal Story: Evidence of the Destruction of an Anglo-American Plan

James O’Neill looks at the evolution and collapse of the official narrative about the alleged Skripal poisoning

Memory-Holing the “novichok” lie – we need to make sure that doesn’t happen

The truth, we now know beyond doubt, is the UK government and its state-controlled and corporate media provenly put the country on a war footing with a nuclear-armed country based on lies.

The ‘Crucifixion’ of the Black Messiah

On this the 50th anniversary of the assassination of Dr Martin Luther King, a soon-to-be-published book provides us the most comprehensive account of this event, the shock of which reverberated across America and the world. More than that, the anniversary gives us all ample reason to reflect on the man and his impact, and where America is at present in the context of the main pursuits to which he devoted his life: racial equality, justice, liberty, truth, freedom, and peace. Oh, and a slice of the American Dream. Australian writer Greg Maybury reports.

An Easter “thank you” to our supporters…

Next month OffGuardian will be three years old. In that pretty short time we have reached an audience many times larger than we ever anticipated. We have 19,000 regular followers and daily visitors in the thousands. We want to say thank you today to the small number who donate to us, either as a one-off or through regular contributions. It’s an enormous help, in fact without you OffG may have been forced to quit or drastically cut back its output this year. So – thank you. All of you. From all of us. Currently less than 1% of our monthly visitors support us with a donation. So, if you come here regularly and/or value the work we do please consider becoming a supporter!

Why did UK court say “limited evidence” Skripals have relatives while cousin interviewed in UK media?

Why did the UK Home Office make no attempt to contact the Skripals’ relatives in Russia? Why does High Court judgment imply they may not even exist when they have appeared on UK TV? More bizarreness in this already very bizarre case

Democrats ‘Outraged’ by Charlottesville Convince Trump to Arm Neo-Nazis in Ukraine

The right-wing extremism in Ukraine is acceptable to downplay because they share a common enemy in Russia. Any attempt to reveal the nature of the current regime in Ukraine is mechanically dismissed as “Russian propaganda”, concealing the very real fascist elements that have been weaponized by the west to achieve its foreign policy interests in the new Cold War against Russia.

Skripal case: “closely related agent” claim closely examined

What does the UK govts vague claim of “a Novichok class nerve agent or closely related agent” actually mean? Sarin & VX could be described as “closely related” to Novichoks, but they aren’t Russian & their presence wouldn’t implicate Russia. We take a closer look at what these weasel words actually tell us

What did the Salisbury physician mean by “no patients have experienced symptoms of nerve agent poisoning”?

We can’t draw conclusions from any of this of course. It could very well be – as many have suggested – that Mr Davies’s letter was hasty and his meaning unclear. It could be he meant to say no one other than the the unnamed “three” he specifies have “experienced symptoms of nerve agent poisoning.” Or, of course, it could mean exactly what it literally says…