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The NeoNazis Protesting Trump

by George H. Eliason An Open Letter to Those Who Voted for Clinton and may not realise the company they are keeping when they take to the streets There isn’t an easy, kind, or right way to open this conversation with people that have stood up for the rights of people worldwide as well as on the home front for decades. Any and every starting point seems wrong. Since there is no good starting point, let’s go to the honest one. The current political climate be damned. How are 25% of American voters, the percentage that voted for Hillary, now a protesting majority?  What’s the makeup of that 25%?  Do all of them care about women’s, human or civil rights? These questions aren’t as difficult to answer as the truth will be to hear, especially for progressives.  I’m going to show why the best qualified candidate Bernie Sanders never stood a snowball’s chance in hell of getting elected to the US presidency.  To get there, look at the simple math which shows that if Sanders …

The Scream by Edvard Munch, 1893

I Have a Scream

by Brian Foley, via CounterPunch I get it. You don’t like Trump. I’ve wanted to say that to Facebook Friends who’ve spent the past several months hate-posting against Trump. Most posts aren’t funny, creative, or informative. When not merely petulant, they’re raw unfiltered anger. People might as well post videos of themselves screaming. Turns out someone sort of did. A viral video shows a woman at the Inauguration sitting cross-legged on the ground, with her hands in the air in front of her, emitting a loud, guttural, primal scream at the precise moment Trump was sworn in: NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! NOOOOOOOO!!!!!! At least it was honest, right? Well, actually, it looks staged. The camera was on her, waiting. Nine seconds in, she looks up briefly, as if to make sure the camera crew was ready for “the scream.” Afterward, the Screamer looked exhausted. The ITV news crew descended, and the Screamer was incoherent: ITV: Can you explain your emotions to me? Explain your emotions to me. SCREAMER: There’s just no way, there’s like just no — …



The end of the Cold War era in 1989 brought during the first coming years a kind of international optimism that the idea of the “end of history” really can be realized as it was a belief in no reason for the geopolitical struggles between the most powerful states. The New World Order, spoken out firstly by M. Gorbachev in his address to the UN on December 7th 1988, was originally seen as the order of equal partnership in the world politics reflecting “radically different international circumstances after the Cold War”.


The Exceptional Nation…

a satire by Terje M BERLIN,December 17, 1954 The struggle for power in the ruling elites continues unabated after the official loser in the elections for Chancellor last month refuses to concede. Speculations abound about a ‘constitutional coup’, where the Party representatives will overrule the people’s suggestions. Eva Braun (42) suffered a setback in her quest to be the first female Chancellor, after her loss to Hermann Goering (61), the former minister for aviation, last month. People close to her have stated their displeasure at the result, and have more than hinted that they would seek to overturn the result. Her campaign was severly impacted by the exposure of several scandals. Leaked documents showed her hobnobbing with leading industrialist for support and funding, reminiscent of her husband’s infamous speech to a similar assembly of industrialists and bankers in 1932, before he got elected. Her husband is widely regarded as a controversial Chancellor with a difficult legacy. Even so, the couple are known for their long-standing charitable activities. The former Chancellor’s kindness to animals is legendary, …

These protests are totally organic. Just like they are everywhere else that elects a leader the CIA doesn't like.

How far will they go to avoid a President Trump?

by Kit Overturning or ignoring Trumps victory poses a very real risk of massive riots and civic unrest. Would the Powers That Be really be willing to go that far? Shortly after the Brexit referendum I wrote this article, positing that the UK might undergo its own version of a “Color Revolution” in the wake of an unpredicatable and (from an establishment POV) unwelcome election result. The undermining and circumvention of the UK’s exit from the European Union is an ongoing process. Trump’s election may well add fuel to that fire. However, no matter the seismic shake-up that Brexit delivered this side of the pond, the election of Donald Trump last month is bigger. A lot bigger. Brexit was one issue, Trump is – theoretically – a reversal of years of policy designed to shape the world a certain way. As such, the backlash is bigger and possibly a lot more dangerous to the concept of democracy. It’s a little-known fact, outside the United States, that the Presidential Election is not, in fact, decided by …


Obama’s Musings on False Narratives and Fake Stories

by Glen Ford, The Black Agenda Report People no longer believe the fake “news” and bogus narratives issued by the ruling class and its corporate and military misinformation specialists. President Obama traveled to Berlin last [month] to browbeat Europeans on why they should continue to play junior partners in Washington’s quest for full spectrum global domination, but kept returning to his post-election obsession: the existential threat posed by “fake news” on social media. It was as if the realization had just dawned on the lame duck president, that his own powers to create “facts” and manufacture “news” out of thin air would soon be gone.  Without the Clintons in the White House to continue the neoliberal project, history might conclude that the First Black President’s only enduring legacy was…that he was the first Black president. It’s a question of who gets to decide what’s “fake” or not. Obama fears that what he calls “fake” news begets fake history, which begets the fall of western civilization as the rulers would like people to imagine it. Fake …


Clinton’s ‘Russia Did It’ Cop-out

by Robert Parry, via Consortium News The Clinton machine – running on fumes after Hillary Clinton’s failed presidential bid – is pulling out all remaining stops to block Donald Trump’s inauguration, even sinking into a new McCarthyism. In joining a recount effort with slim hopes of reversing the election results, Clinton campaign counsel Marc Elias cited a scurrilous Washington Post article that relied on a shadowy anonymous group, called PropOrNot, that issued a “black list” against 200 or so Internet sites, including some of the most respected sources of independent journalism, claiming they are part of some Russian propaganda network. The Clinton machine – running on fumes after Hillary Clinton’s failed presidential bid – is pulling out all remaining stops to block Donald Trump’s inauguration, even sinking into a new McCarthyism. In joining a recount effort with slim hopes of reversing the election results, Clinton campaign counsel Marc Elias cited a scurrilous Washington Post article that relied on a shadowy anonymous group, called PropOrNot, that issued a “black list” against 200 or so Internet sites, …


Jill Stein for Hillary

by Stephen Lendman Shameful! What’s going on? Why did her campaign announce its “intent to file for a recount of votes in the battleground states of Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania, leading a multi-partisan effort to check the accuracy of the machine-counted vote tallies in these states in order to ensure the integrity of our election?” Did she forget Hillary criticizing Trump’s possible refusal to accept electoral results when asked, calling it “a direct threat to our democracy?” Does she support what war goddess, racketeer, perjurer Hillary stands for? Does she oppose Trump wanting normalized relations with Russia – crucial to prevent the threat of possible nuclear war with Hillary empowered as US military commander-in-chief. I supported Stein, believed in her, wrote glowing articles about her campaign, her advocacy for world peace, equity and justice. Was I wrong? Did I misjudge her? Is she against what she claims to stand for? Many times in articles I called Hillary the most ruthlessly dangerous presidential aspirant in US history. Does Stein support her? Want the election reversed in …


The Latest Wikileaks a Bridge Too Far for Hillary’s backers?

from Truthstream Media imagine how many people would never stop digging if they forced her into the Oval Office, when the stuff we’ve already found is damning to the highest levels of the globe’s evil power structure… Was Clinton’s defeat a triumph of democracy or simply a last-minute switch by the ones running the voting software? Some of the Wikileaks material, such as the bizarre Podesta “Spirit Cooking” dinners, imply at best some very strange tastes, and at worst a level of weird in these people most of us had never guessed at. Did some of Hillary’s well-placed supporters decide in the final days she and her chums were just too much of a liability? Is that why she ended losing an election she seemed to be certain of winning?


What do the protesters believe they are protesting?

Hysteria. Fainting. Screaming. Pseudo-Leftists happy to support Obama’s imperialism and domestic tyranny, beating their chests and seeking counselling for PTSD because democracy happened. “Mass” riots of thousands (or is it only hundreds? Depends on your source) of outraged identity-politicians. What do these protesters think they are protesting?


Huffington Post Continues Campaigning for Hillary Clinton

Eric Zuesse See this screen-shot taken at 1:30 in the afternoon on November 9th, after Trump’s win. They pretend Trump’s win is a victory for bigots, instead of a defeat for the aristocracy (‘Wall Street’, ‘The Establishment’, or America’s billionaires and their agents such as lobbyists and the leading politicians). However, a close look at the evidence shows Huffington Post to be wrong: Trump’s win was overwhelmingly driven by Americans’ repudiation of the aristocracy itself (such as, for example, repudiation of the Institute that runs Huffington Post’s neoconservative international edition, World Post, the Berggruen Institute (including Eric Schmidt, Lawrence Summers, Fareed Zakaria, Arianna Huffington, Nicholas Berggruen, Ernesto Zedillo, Carl Bildt, Niall Ferguson, and Joseph Nye, all being proponents of Obama’s building war against Russia — such as: “To confront Putin, Europe will have to make changes that will be deeply controversial on a continent long committed to environmentalism and marked by an aversion to the use of force”). And, as far as global warming is concerned, which is a real problem about Trump, it’s also …


Trump’s Win Wasn’t Ideological. It Was Brilliant.

by Eric Zuesse CNN explained well “5 surprising lessons from Trump’s astonishing win”, and the historic crushing failure of traditional Presidential-year American politics, but it really boils down to one simple fact: In the battleground states, where most of the advertising dollars and get-out-the-vote money was being spent, the Trump organization made use of the Republican-Party organization in those portions of the campaign-operation that benefited from those established contacts and its tried-and-tested methods and techniques, but not in the portions of the campaign-operation that needed to be improved and to function better than in all prior U.S. Presidential elections. The simple fact is that Trump’s understanding of U.S. national politics was transcendent, better even than that of the candidate whom all of the polls during the political primaries showed to be the most preferred by the most people and thus to be able to beat any of the other contestants in a one-on-one electoral choice against any of the others: Bernie Sanders. (See this and this for the evidence on that.) (And if there were …


A Hillary Win Will Be Google’s Win of Everything

by Eric Zuesse On November 7th, a Morning Consult and Politico poll of early voters showed Donald Trump to be overwhelmingly viewed by early voters as being the more dangerous of the two major-Party candidates. The mega-corporation Alphabet, formerly known as Google, deserves a lot of the credit for that result, on candidate Hillary Clinton’s behalf — against, first, Bernie Sanders, and, now, Mr. Trump. Eric Schmidt, the billionaire Chairman and top executive of Alphabet Corporation, has been behind the scenes working for her campaign all along, and will be beyond being the most powerful person in the world (which he already was) if she wins. On 1 February 2016, FORTUNE bannered, “Google’s Parent Seizes Apple’s Crown As Most Valuable U.S. Company”, and that understated the reality: it’s been actually the entire world’s most valuable company ever since that time (and not merely the “Most Valuable U.S. Company”). Schmidt detailed in the recently wikileaked 2014 email to Hillary’s campaign, the means for winning both the nomination and the ultimate victory. It was an email to …


The Quasi-Legal Coup-Hillary Clinton Information Operations In Election 2016

by GH Eliason The purpose of “Inform and Influence Operations” is not to provide a perspective, opinion, or lay out a policy. It is defined as the ability to make audiences “think and act” in a manner favorable to the mission objectives. This is done through applying perception management techniques which target the audiences emotions, motives, and reasoning. These techniques are not geared for debate. It is to overwhelm and change the target psyche. Using these techniques information sources can be manipulated and those that write, speak, or think counter to the objective are relegated as propaganda, ill-informed, or irrelevant.” What if the strife, rumor, and clamor were part and parcel of an Inform and Influence Operation against Americans to determine the election outcome? Bear with me for a moment as I lay out the proofs. The quote above is from an early 2015 article with the practitioner showing what it could look like in the civilian world. What would we do? Disrupt, deny, degrade, deceive, corrupt, usurp or destroy the information. The information, please …


34 Reasons This Bernie Voter Will Vote Trump

by Eric Zuesse Here are the 34: “Hillary Clinton’s Six Foreign-Policy Catastrophes” “Hillary Clinton the hawk, and the Honduran coup” “I’m a Bernie Sanders Voter: Here’s Why I’ll Vote Trump” “Hillary Clinton: A Threat to All Humanity.” “Red-Light Warning On Now About Hillary Clinton” “Here’s Why Hillary Won’t Allow Her Corporate Speeches to Be Published” “Hillary Clinton’s Global-Burning Record” “We’re out of time on climate change. And Hillary Clinton helped get us here” “Hillary Clinton Is Backed by Major Republican Donors” “Wall Street gives Hillary Clinton $27M” “Tim Kaine Calls To Deregulate Banks As He Campaigns To Be Clinton’s VP” “Hillary Clinton Exposed Part 1 – How She Aggressively Lobbied for Mega Corporations” “Hillary v. Bernie: Their Two Opposite Views of the Presidency” “Hillary Clinton Backs Fast-Track on Obama’s Trade Deals” “Hillary’s Record: Pretending to Oppose Trade Agreements” “Hillary Clinton Oversaw US Arms Deals to Clinton Foundation Donors” “Neocon Kagan Endorses Hillary Clinton” “Neoconservatives Declare War on Trump” “U.S. Foreign Policy ‘Elites’ Eagerly Await Expansion Of Overseas Wars Under Hillary Clinton” “Hillary the Hawk: A History” …


Domestic U.S. Politics of War with Russia

by Eric Zuesse First, the context in which the issue of war against Russia is being raised: Syria’s government is allied with Russia’s government, and ‘The West’ is trying to overthrow Syria’s government and is bringing into Syria, and arming, tens of thousands of jihadists there, as the footsoldiers to do it. Syria and Russia are bombing the people that we are bringing in. The Presidential candidate of the U.S. Democratic Party, Hillary Clinton, is a longstanding and ardent proponent of the U.S. establishing a “no-fly zone” over at least the parts of Syria where non-ISIS jihadists — the jihadists that are financed and armed by the U.S. and its allies (mainly by the Sunni fundamentalist royal families who own Saudi Arabia and Qatar) — have conquered territory from Syria’s (legitimate and internationally recognized) government. It’s conquest of Syria, that the U.S. is backing. The U.S., in both law and fact, is already participating in an invasion of Syria. Syria’s government is run by the ideologically committed anti-Sharia-law and non-sectarian Ba’ath Party, under President Bashar …